Honey is a rich, natural and extremely beneficial food, essential for daily nutrition and protection of the body. Wholesome sweetener with various beneficial effects, which gives energy, wellness and intellectually stimulating.


Antitussive activity

A warm solution of honey with tea or just a tablespoon of thyme honey is soothing cough, while honey solution inhalations help decongestion of the airways.


Gastrointestinal effects

Natural laxative, helps in proper functioning of the intestine, preventing constipation. Reduces the acidity of the stomach, and because of the antibacterial activity protects against ulcers.


Hepatic effects

Because of the natural sugars contain (fructose-glucose), strengthens and does not burden the functioning of the liver thus enhances the body's defenses against infections


Antimicrobial activity

Nowadays honey is used in hospitals, in (surgical) wounds and in burns. Pharmacies also sell bandages impregnated with honey, throat lozenges and syrups with honey or plain honey inside jars. Naturally, its antimicrobial action does not cease on the outside but it is powerful and on the inside i.e. in gastric ulcer caused by Helicobacter Pylori, respiratory diseases, etc.


Anti-cancer effect

Research has shown that it protects from cancer. In particular a research conducted by the University of Athens has shown that it comprises a chemical compound, the trihydroxy ketone, present only in thyme honey, which increases its chemopreventive properties, especially against breast, uterus and prostate cancer.