• The honey has a tendency to crystallize. Initially crystals formed on the bottom and on the container walls. Constantly added new crystals which generally give a rather pleasant picture in honey. Crystallization also makes it harder to use. ALthough crystallized honey does not lose its properties. An uneven distribution of moisture is generated resulting the non-crystallized honey with more moisture (more than 20-21%) and can lead to initiation of fermentation.


• If honey is crystallized, can restored in its original state by putting it in a bain-marie. Alternatively you can putted into gently sources heat until it returns to its original fluidity.

• Various attempts have been made to predict the crystallization start time. More satisfying considered the sugar / water ratio. Usually flower honeys crystallize in a few weeks, the pine in a few months and there are several species such as acacia honey, it takes years to crystallize.

• To temporarily prevent crystallization used various methods such as leptokrystallopoiisi. Most methods are suitable for very large quantities as they need expensive machines and used only by companies. Another method is to mix various kinds of honey which crystallizes quickly species are slow to crystallize.